interested in a commission piece…

I usually get two to four commissions a year, either pencil drawings or oil paintings. It really is a wonderful process to go through if you haven’t already.
It is an interesting journey for the client – to have an idea or an image in mind and convey it effectively to the artist, who then should be able to capture the subject to meet the client’s expectations.
Firstly, you need to have an idea of what you want – and a highly detailed photograph, or a subject in mind for which I can find a suitably detailed image from photographers in the field. As an ex-game ranger, I have a large library of reference photographs of birds and wildlife myself, but if I don’t have one, then I can source an image that you would agree on, from a professional photographer.
Once we have come up with a reference, the size of artwork and composition – we can then discuss price. I will accept a small deposit.
During the process, I am open to showing you the progression. When I see that there has been a development I will send you photographs of the work while it is being created to keep you connected, and so that we can see we are on the same page.
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Thank you to Michael Sutherland for the reference photographs for ‘Mana Buffalo’

Mana Buffalo commission by Malcolm Bowling
commission reference photograph
reference photograph used for Malcolm Bowling commission
mana buffalo commission photograph
photograph used as reference for Mana Buffalo commission by Malcolm Bowling